Little more to talk about!

Little more to talk about!

Hello again!  It has been a bit since I sat down to share the Willow Haven goings on with you!  I should be more attentive to this...  my apologizes!

Luna of Willow Haven is a work of heart and a work in progress!  I am ever evaloving trying to capture the essense I feel inside myself when I think of Luna of Willow Haven. 

I think the crystals are the inspiration for what I do, but selling them online does not feel right to me.  There is an energy to crystals that just doesn't often come across online. I am toying with the idea of a monthy crystal box, that would have a unique piece that I would hand pick for each person, but that is a little ways off...

The other thought that has been in my head for months now is the curated box of healthier and safer products. Items that are made with safer health at the heart of their company's mission.  I have determined the companies I  want to offer in this sample box, but not exactly how I am going to present it...

  • Think Goodness
  • Tranont
  • Java Momma

All three companies embrace the Luna of Willow Haven concept of safe, high quality, enviornmentally safe and ethically sourced products. Making them a great fit for a sample box full of goodness for you to  try... you may find your next favorite hand cream, coffee or supplement. The idea is that each box would include sample items from top notch companies and at least one full sized product. The idea is marinating right now, but the plan is to launch it before the holidays!

Lastly... Luna of Willow Haven is considering a brick and mortar store... Lots of exciting changes coming your way from this little business in the woods!


Lots of love and positive energy my friends... Linda (Luna of Willow Haven)

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